Worldwide Venture Funding, Inc.

                               "Matching your funding needs to the right source"


Money growth

"The Future... and Now the Present... of Financing Large Projects"

Now you too can turn a relatively small down payment into a funding solution... virtually without limits!

Even if you were turned down by the traditional commerical lending institutions, this may be the ultimate solution to your funding needs. All you need is some cash to get started.

For example, we have sources who can turn your $250K deposit into $10M, $25M, $125M, or more (through repeated tranches).

The more cash you can put down, the better... and faster... the funding you can get back.

If you have $10M in cash, or financial instruments, you may be able to leverage that amount up to whatever amount you want. $100M will allow you to raise Billions... quickly.

Contact John Gilvary for details.