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Gold Bullion 
"If You Can Buy Large Quantities of Gold Bullion, You'll Want To Talk To Our World-Class Seller!" 
We are direct to experienced bullion Sellers with a proven record of successful performance.  They hold title of ownership to one of the largest stockpiles of GLD standard bullion on the market.  The product is held in Hong Kong secure storage.  Their inventories are regularly replenished.
These sellers specialize in large-volume, gold bullion sales to select "high-value" Buyers - Governments, Banks, Multinationals, Institutional Investors, Royal Family/Sovereign Affiliates, Purchasing Consortiums and Ultra High-Net-Worth Individuals - who have the financial capability to purchase a minimum Lift amount of 200 MT of product.
We represent, on an exclusive basis, an association of Asia-Pacific countries and operate  with full governmental and regulatory approval.  Proceeds from bullion sales are used to provide economic development assistance to the Sovereign nations. 
Here's what Buyers need to know :
1)  Transactions are managed exclusively within the banking system under full banking scrutiny and vigilance and subject to close regulatory scrutiny. The procedures are dictated by government Treaty and are 100% Bank-approved and fully time-tested.
2)  The bullion is sold with full Government Export Approval and Tax-Paid Clearance. The export permits have already been issued and will be confirmed by our Bank Officer during the Table Top Meeting inside the Bank
3) We work closely with Brink's, Hong Kong and can facilitate introductions. We are also  willing, after closing, to deliver the goods to the Hong Kong Airport, Free Trade Zone or provide Buyers with two (2)-weeks free warehouse storage and insurance cover. 
4) Buyers may attend at our security warehouse with their own certified Assayers (or engage the mobile team of Assayers from Metalor or Heraeus, Hong Kong) to assay the bullion. We would pleased to introduce Buyers to the Senior Manager at Metalor. 
5)  Alternatively, we will move the initial Lift amount to Metalor for a fresh assay. Buyers may take delivery, upon closing, directly from refinery storage or we will return the newly assayed bars to the security warehouse and give Buyers the original SKR.   
6) We can also arrange for HSBC, Hong Kong to collect the re-certified bullion directly from Metalor and transfer the product into the Bank's vault or depository under HSBC's care, custody and control. Upon closing, Buyers will receive a new Bank SKR.
7) Settling payment is managed on "ledger-to-ledger" basis inside the Buyer's Payment Settlement Bank.  The requirement ensures the prompt and orderly  transfer of funds on closing, helps preserve confidentiality and eliminates any "conflict of laws" issues. 
8) Buyers may nominate any major Bank in Hong Kong as their Payment Settlement Bank; we will oblige by opening a bank account in the Buyer's chosen Bank. Or we can, upon request, assist Buyers to open a bank account in HSBC, Hong Kong.
9) Western Buyers are welcome to utilize HSBC Bank, London, Head Office - a well-respected Bullion Bank - for settling payment. Similarly, Asian Buyers who prefer to maintain their funds in Mainland China may utilize Bank of China, Beijing.
10)  At the Buyer's request, we would be pleased to include a Two Percent (2%) penalty clause for non-performance, to be based on the purchase value of the Lift amount. Depending on the Lift size, that's a minimum $160 Million USD damages award payable to the Buyer, as agreed compensation, in the event that we breach the contract. 
Please keep in mind the following - 
1) The minimum permissible Lift amount is 200 MT of product.  That is a roughly $8 Billion USD purchase payable, in full, on closing.  Unfortunately, we cannot supply smaller Lift amounts.
2) This being refined bullion - as opposed to raw gold or low-purity dore bars - we do not provide CIF terms of delivery.  Bullion is sold FOB only.
3)  The product documents are held at the Seller's Bank.  For security and privacy reasons, POP/POF are confirmable "bank-to-bank" once contracts have been lodged at the Bank and the Buyer has cleared Bank compliance.  This ensures that only Bank-qualified Buyers "ready, willing and able" to fulfill the contract gain access to the Seller's confidential product information.
4)  We require that Buyers follow the Seller's terms and conditions. Otherwise, unfortunately, we are unable to supply product to the Buyer.  Not because the Seller's terms and conditions are necessarily superior; they may not be.  But because, this being a government-affiliated offering, there are Sovereign accords in place that dictate the conduct of sale.
Here are the "stages" culminating in the final contract-signing:
1) Contract discussions  
2) Memorandum of Understanding
3) Contract preparation
4) Contract-signing by Buyer and Seller 
If the Buyer is interested in proceeding and is willing to observe the Seller's procedures, our direct seller contact would be pleased to speak with the Buyer or his Legal Mandate or Legal Counsel.
Notice: Knowledgeable and responsible Buyers only who have the discipline and focus to undertake and complete a major, large-scale, bank-managed, government-affiliated, bullion transaction and do so in an orderly, timely and capable manner. For the smooth conduct of the transaction, Buyers are encouraged to engage competent legal counsel.           
If those requirements work for you... I will too. Contact me with questions or to request a current "Gold Bullion Portfolio". 

 John Gilvary